XVIII Traditional International Festival “Silk and Spices”

The event will be held in the historic part of the city of Bukhara for 3 days. At the opening ceremony a parade will be organized next to the Ark fortress to the Lyabi-Hauz complex. There will be solemn opening and closing ceremonies of the festival. During the festival, artists and word masters from the Republic and regions, as well as from neighboring countries will perform. Silk fabrics, materials, atlas and adras will be presented from all over the Republic.

Event date



Khakimiyat of Bukhara region, Ministry of Culture, State Committee of Tourism, Representative office of UNESCO Commission in Uzbekistan, “Hunarmand” association


In the picturesque part of the ancient city of Bukhara (Labi Hovuz, Toki Sarofon, Toki telpakfurushan, Toki Zargaron, Poyi Kalon, at the highest level in front of Ark's Ark)


(65) 223-62-74; (65) 223-47-21; madaniyat.uz buxoro.madaniyat.uz