I International festival of folk arts and crafts invites guests

From 10 to 15 of September 2019, Kokand will host the First International Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts, which will include fairs, contests, master classes of foreign and local artisans, scientific and practical conference and performances of folklore and ethnographic groups.

  19.07.2019     478
USA filmmakers are to shoot a series about the history of Central Asia in Uzbekistan

In October this year, the American creative team of Jacob Schwartz (the author of the first short film about Uzbekistan in 8K) will start shooting the first episode of the series about the history of the peoples of Central Asia of XI-XII centuries.

  16.07.2019     1924
The premiere of short films about Uzbekistan in 8K format will be held in Tashkent

July 12, 2019, in "Samarqand Darvoza" shopping center of Tashkent city will be presented the world premiere, presentation and screen of short films of Uzbekistan 8K, prepared by Mystery Box Digital Cinema - a high skilled group of directors and animators, as well as the Lost in Uzbekistan - film from the winners of the National Geographic Awards - The Lost Avocado.

  11.07.2019     623
More than 54 agreements of partnership were signed within the framework of the First Annual Tourism Fair of the CIS countries

On July 9, within the framework of the First Annual tourism fair of CIS countries in Samarkand, more than 54 agreements on partnership and further cooperation in the field of tourism between various organizations from the CIS countries were signed.

  10.07.2019     450
Tashkent to host I International Gastronomic Festival "Gastro Bazaar-2019»

I International Gastronomic Festival "Gastro Bazaar" will be held on August 9-11, 2019 in Tashkent. The festival is organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development and Tashkent city administration.

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